Welcome to the International Law Section of the Oregon State Bar. The International Law Section consists of more than 150 attorneys, all of whom are members of the Oregon State Bar. Most of the ILS members also are members of various other international law organizations. Consistent with its Mission Statement, the ILS was formed with the intent of fostering the study of international law among the members of the Oregon State Bar, and with educating and assisting the public at large with international legal matters. The ILS members engage in private international law, international alternative dispute resolution, international commercial transactions, immigration law, and a wide variety of associated fields. We trust and hope this web site will assist you with your endeavors.

The activities of the Section are governed by an annually-elected Executive Committee of members, who are dedicated to organizing and providing educational programs for members of the Section and the public on relevant topics of international law, business, and world affairs. This website is maintained by the Executive Committee of the International Law Section as a service to members of the Section as well as the public. It is one means by which they can contact the Executive Committee and members of the Section as well as a vehicle for accessing information useful to attorneys’ legal practices.

We encourage input and comment about the International Law Section, its activities, as well as the content and functionality of this website.